June 27, 2006

Maps of Religious Adherents

Different regions of the country have reputations for supporting different worldviews. Since spirituality is important to how people develop and maintain their worldview I was fascinated by this set of maps that show what percentage of people in each county in the US hold to a particular religion.
  • This map shows the Lutheran clustered in the northern midwest.
  • And this map shows the Baptists clustered in the south.
  • While the Catholics are spread along the souther border states and in the north east and northern midwest in this map.
  • And the overall percentage of religious adherents shows high concentrations in the midwest and south and much less concentration on the coasts in this map.
Overall the maps are a quick and interesting way to look at how religion effects our nation differently in different parts of the country. Posted by georgegmacdonald at June 27, 2006 03:18 PM